• Accessories

    Accessories (39)

    Our Accessories include top of the line professional nail cutter/nail clippers, cuticle nippers/cuticle clipper, nail nippers, stainless-steel cuticle pushers/spoon pushers, tweezers/eyebrow pluckers/eyebrow tweezers, professional barber combs, barber neck brush/barber neck duster, and eyelash curler/lash curlers. These products are also for the use of barbers as well as for domestic use. These are the only beauty care instruments you need in…
  • Kits

    Kits (19)

    Our manicure pedicure kit, personal barber kit and personal grooming kit comes packed in a pure leather pouch that protects the manicure pedicure kit tools and other kit tools from any damage. The mani pedi tool kit in addition with personal barber kit and personal grooming kit really makes the user feel the immense quality of the kits and does…
  • Razors

    Razors (1)

    Our facial hair razor blade that can also be used as a head shaver, comes with a comfortable hand grip that makes our shaving razor distinct from other face razors and mens shavers. Our shaving blades have rust resistant stainless steel for smooth hair removal. These shaving razers are loved by professional barbers that defines the purpose of our company…
  • Scissors

    Scissors (57)

    Our artistic craftsmen use modern state of the art Japanese materials & technologies to make our professional barber scissors/shears. Our hairdressing scissors feature maximum toughness, razor sharp edges, haircutting scissors with symmetric and offset handles for comfort and ease, our thinning scissors, barbers scissors & haircut scissors last for longer periods of time as compared to other brands this is…

    TRIMMERS (3)

    Dingling machines, Kemei trimmers, Trangos hair trimmers/hair clippers, and beard trimmers for men are the industry-leading beard cutters/beard machines. Hence these products are considered the best hair cutting machines, personal groomers, beard trimmers online. These pieces of art include a durable and sharp razor, wireless operation, a rechargeable battery, 5 sizing clips along a charger.